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Game Raven’s Cry PC

12 Oct 2015 - 11:18 WIB

Game Raven’s Cry PC

Game pc Raven’s Cry is a third person RPG-adventure game that combines fast-paced swordplay, thrilling naval battles, and free ranging explorations through undocumented islands and historical towns. A cadre of colourful cutthroats will cross your path on your travels, all with their very own motivations and plans, but ensure that you choose your crew with care!

The fast paced overcome system in Raven’s Cry is based on the traditional art of fencing, combined with historical firearms, the always messy hook, and good old fashioned street fighting, allowing players to dispatch foes in a variety of grisly ways. Christopher’s hook works as both a symbol of his childhood tragedy and a brutal tool of his revenge, playing a crucial function in “Raven’s Cry”. Upgrade your skills and learn new skills and attacks that will make your enemies literally tremble in fear. How you kill is certainly up to you, and as long as Christopher is the last man standing, no trick is too dirty, and no strike is off limits. The more violent and depraved your actions become the even more you will influence your surroundings, as both foes and citizens alike will learn to fear you, sometimes with unexpected consequences. Regardless of whether you play as a badass or only a plain bad guy, “Raven’s Cry” gives multiple ways to gain success; it’s up to you to decide if Christopher reaches his goal with his soul intact.

Christopher’s raven provides been with him since the day his family was killed, always reminding him of how much he has lost. Much like his fearsome hook, the raven has turned into a tool of Christopher’s revenge, strangely seeming to be linked to Christopher, almost as if it understands his wants…and desires revenge as well.


Christopher needs control of various ships on his crusade, and few are acquired legally. He can gain a popularity on the high seas simply as quickly as he can in port, and your actions will impact your enemies, causing them to be cautious of you and keep their length, or forcing them to join up with various other pirates to strike you en masse. Christopher is not without resources of his own however, as his ships can be upgraded and customized for a price. Christopher may also fly different flags, misleading his enemies and hiding his identity.

Seeing that captain of the ship, you must maintain total control of your ship and crew all the time. Your men will observe your orders, but you must make sure they’re well taken care of to ensure their complete cooperation. A crew’s morale may be the lifeblood of any vessel, and they’ll complete their ordered duties aswell as you treat them. No matter how well you care for your crew, sometimes as captain you just have to do items yourself. “Raven’s Cry” presents few “helping tools” during battle, which means you must end up being on your toes and ready to work at a moment’s notice. “Raven’s Cry” is more interested in realism than hand-holding, so you’ll find no beams of light showing your cannon-ball trajectory, nor will an auto aim assist you in precision pictures to take out your enemies masts. Gain more than enough knowledge, and you’ll earn brand-new skills, like the passive “pack rat” that allows you to store more items on your own vessel, and the feared “boy of a gun” perk that increases the damage you handle your firearms and cannons.

Christopher is dedicated to his revenge, but waging an one-man war can be expensive, and Christopher is far from rich. Earning gold is critical in “Raven’s Cry”, and there are a variety of methods to obtain it; from smuggling and trading, to looting and robbing, Christopher must maintain his coffers well stocked in order to be prepared for what’s to come. Gold and details are the most important currencies in “Raven’s Cry”, and generally, the two go hand in hand.

Torn from his family seeing that a boy, Christopher Raven is trapped between haunting recollections of his history and a meaningless future. When new details leads Christopher to believe his family’s killers are still alive, he sharpens his hook and sets out on a grisly quest for revenge.


Fleeing from the famines of Europe, young Christopher and his family members sailed to the brave new world, looking for a fresh start. But older grudges and new hazards await them in the shining tropical paradise, and a sudden outburst of violence will take both Christopher’s family and his left hand in one blood soaked afternoon. The brutality of that time sticks with him, slowly generating him mad as he dreams of bathing in the bloodstream of the guys who killed his kin. Christopher is normally a guy without a family, a purpose, or a future.

One day, a possibility encounter with a mysterious ship produces a clue; a bloody sigil suggesting that the merciless band of pirates, the Devil’s Tines, and their fearsome captain, Neville “The Devil” Scranton, have returned to the Caribbean after longer being thought dead. Twisted by years of rum and hate, a morally bankrupt Christopher models sail on a quest which will take him to the furthest gets to of the Caribbean and the blackest corners of the individual heart.

With his strange and ever present raven circling overhead, Christopher moves such as a spectre of death throughout the Caribbean, where the only acceptable outcome is death for either him or his enemies. Christopher has nothing to lose, and will either discover his revenge, or die in a river of his enemies’ blood. Welcome to Raven’s Cry.


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